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Maiko photograph

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

about me

Hello, I’m Vincent, a photographer from The Netherlands. Thanks for stopping by!.

I take pictures, I like to capture moments and capturing the essence of people and places try to tell stories with my photographs.. I want my photographs just sit there quietly while you decide what it is saying.

Traveling the world

For me to travel is to live. Travel means adventure, travel opens eyes and gives perspective, meeting people from other cultures. Travel is education and is challenging.

Oh, and if you didn't noticed already. I love Japan!


I am always on the hunt for the right lighting conditions. Walking around and scouting the area, getting to know and to enjoy the area, determining the best angles and lighting conditions.

Because I only use natural light, it demands a lot of time. It means that I can work getting a single image for several hours, before reaching what I'm after, the enchanting atmosphere that the right light brings.

some of my work
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle I

Fuji San